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About Us

Our Mission Principles:

  • Strive to be the highest value provider of auction and auction-related services, and be an easy and friendly company with which to do business.

  • Employ a talented, diligent, fully trained and diverse staff to ensure your items are well cared for, customer service needs met and auction options are explained.

  • Policies and procedures established and applied uniformly with respect and empathy

  • Put your interests first at all times and suggest products and services that meet your needs recognizing that our long-term results and goals are aligned.

  • Manage your accounts with prudence with long-term perspective, and with the goal of providing returns consistently better than those of our competition.

  • Adhere to the highest standard of ethical behavior and fiduciary responsibility.

  • Communicate candidly and promptly with you about auction item values and results, as well as potential rewards in "plain talk" language.

  • Be a good corporate sponsor in our community and maintain a charitable presence.

  • Maintain highly effective controls to protect your assets and confidential information and maintain clean and secure facilities.

  • Adapt, evolve and continuously improve, because you expect excellence in service and innovation.


WEATHERVANE AUCTIONS provides an umbrella of auction and auction-related services under one roof.

We are one of Nevada's most innovative and forward thinking auction service!

We learned  a long time ago - it is not just your business we are asking for - it is your trust!


The auction business is growing exponentially as more customers realize how fun and exciting auctions can be!  The auction industry is reinventing itself every day.  You need an auction company which keeps promises made and reflects the needs and invigorating spirit of the community!  With one foot firmly based in solid business practices and the other foot continuously trying to improve and provide new services, features and benefits, WEATHERVANE AUCTIONS is the only call to make!


We are a nation under siege - from drug resistant disease, far-reaching economic market changes and an overwhelming lack of purpose in our lives.  What is also true is that we CAN do something about these issues.  Solving problems together - one family, one individual, or one business at a time.


WEATHERVANE AUCTIONS is not just an auction business - we change lives for the better.  Helping to achieve additional funds for long-term care, medical needs or educational requirements, liquidating assets and relieving the burdens of expenses in bankruptcy, solving business storage requirements and increasing cash flow, or simply helping to free up space and remove clutter.  We help our clients through every life phase.



A great auction company supports clients though every phase of life.  There are many reasons why individuals, businesses and charities utilize auction services.


You many need to furnish that first condo, dorm room or starter home with quality used furniture or you may be looking for that perfect accent piece for your family room.  You might be furnishing that 1950's mid century modern second home in Palm Springs and are in need of an Eames chair or Nakashima coffee table.


You might be looking for that elusive but important piece of jewelry that complements your Grandmother's freshwater pearls for a wedding.  You may be adding to your collection of Hummel figurines, vintage political campaign buttons or Campbell Soup memorabilia. Or, maybe you just love to be entertained and be in a fun, festive atmosphere to complete your birthday and holiday shopping year round.



You might want to sell household items that no longer fit with your new designs aesthetic or streamline and get rid of clutter after the New Year.  You may be downsizing to move to a smaller home or a condo and want a simpler life.


Maybe you are moving overseas or to a senior center and can't take all your possessions with you.  You might be settling a marital dissolution or coordinating distribution of assets from a loved one who has become incapacitated or passes away.


You might have excess business inventory taking up valuable storage or have business cash flow needs.  Maybe you are selling in anticipation of a business closure, a change in ownership or a year end clearance event to make room for current season merchandise.  Our employees are screened and required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.  We guard your business strategies and business information closely.



Regardless of the reason, WEATHERVANE AUCTIONS is here to help with knowledgeable and courteous employees.  We understand that there are many different phases in your life and we promise to treat you with the respect you deserve.  Let us show you how we combine solid business fundamental with empathy and respect for your situation.  See what our customers have to say!  -  Call today for a  free assessment .